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Log Burner Installation

With rising fuel prices it is no surprise that people are choosing alternative ways to heat their home. Woodburners are not just economical but being virtually carbon free they are also environmentally friendly. They will provide a stunning focal point for any room and the homely glow will keep you warm during the winter months.

A woodburner is an enclosed fire, this improves its efficiency compared with an open fire as it is able to reach a higher temperature, as the smoke is directed through the chimney it has a greater ability to distribute the heat through your home.

Woodburners require a Class 1 chimney, an existing chimney can be used but would need to pass current Regulations which would check for diameter and air-tightness.


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Sublime Developments provide a one-stop-shop for all the services you require to install your stove. We can construct a new chimney or open up an existing one or install a twin wall flue system to create the required space to install your stove. Our Hetas registration eliminates Building Control costs and our trade accounts with leading stove manufactures accesses the best price for you.

As a building company Sublime Developments would undertake any new construction or alteration of existing chimney. The correct flue lining will be dropped, we can then either provide or guide you to select the best log burner for the space you want to heat. We would calculate the BTU (British Thermal Units), the size of your preferred stove and the square footage of the space. We would then create the correct air-vent for your room. Finally, as qualified HETAS engineers we have the jurisdiction to sign-off the installation so you don’t need to involve Building Control or their costs.

You just need to think about the style you want. How about contemporary? There are some amazing and innovative styles… or would a traditional stove suit your home?

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